Micro Business Education

The MBE consists of 9 hours of content that provides the essentials of business education for microentrepreneurs. The curriculum was developed by Marketplace Literacy Project in collaboration with Prakriti Jiva Media.

The course anchors around a 2-hour feature film about the trials and tribulations of entrepreneurship called ‘Shakti Pirakkudhu’ (A new Strength is Rising) using clips supplemented with illustrations and role plays to further explain the concepts.

The course is currently available in both Tamil and Kannada.


Sl. No.Module
1.Introduction to Microbusiness Education
2.Entrepreneur Soft Skills
3.Identifying Business Opportunities
4.Entrepreneur Personality Development
5.Market Survey
6.Setting up a Production Facility
7.Human Resource Planning
8.Creating a Project Plan
10.Keeping the Store or Workplace Clean and Hygienic
11.Marketing Management and Management Skills
12.Management Skills in Business
13.Legal Aspects
14.How to Set up an Enterprise
15.Organizing your day-to-day Operations Effectively
16.Managing internal and external stakeholders