Shakti Pirakkudhu

This full length feature film sets the context for rural entrepreneurship and creates characters and situations that are drawn upon through every lesson in the course.

Sundari is a young mother of two in a small village in South India. She has an opportunity to get a microfinance loan and wants to use it to start a business. Her husband is scornful of her ambitions – she has never been more than a housewife. As she struggles to find her feet in a trade, the village erupts into a flurry of politics with the arrival of a woman from the city looking to start a garment factory in the area. This is a story of a village woman seeking success in the context of an expanding world view, and of a family struggling to find their equation at the crossroads of what is and what could be.

Shakti Pirakkudhu was evolved out of numerous conversations with self help group women in the villages around Madurai and is intended to create a role model that inspires the rural poor to look to the larger world to raise their aspirations and take charge of their own progress.